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Free for 50 leads.


Add Leads from contacts or import from CSV/Excel. Sort according to status to take action quickly.


Set followups and get smart notification on time and you can directly call/message/whatsapp from notification

Sales Funnel

Get most out of Sales Funnel. It shows the detailed view under each stage like new leads, on trial, prospects or converted

Multi User

Build your team, create up to 5 users at no extra cost, let everyone add leads and followup their leads!

Achieve Goal

Ultimate goal is to increase conversions. You can filter your leads or prospects and give them call to lead them to sales

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organize leads

Manage Status
Schedule Followup
Offer a Deal
or Make Private Notes
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Schedule Followups

Don't Ever Miss a Single contact
Schedule Followups
Get Smart Reminders
Update Status
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sales funnel

Identify prospects
Find the Stage of Leads
Identify the Long Pending Leads
Talk to them and Take them Forward
Increase Sales Conversion


Office Addres

Probal Housing, Ring Road,Shamoly,Dhaka-1207


Mobile: 01535199713, 01908511836

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